Custom Designed Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls Nipomo & Arroyo Grande, CA | CalScape 805 Portfolio6As San Luis Obispo County’s premier retaining wall contractors, we consider retaining walls more than just a functional structure. That’s why we listen to what our customers have in mind and work hard to bring their vision to life. We customize residential retaining walls for homeowners throughout San Luis Obispo County, Nipomo, Orcutt, Oceano, Santa Maria, Pismo Beach, Arroyo Grande, Lompoc and down to Santa Barbara.

Each hardscape project we take on is unique. We strive to incorporate your retaining walls as a natural part of your landscape design. Our team of concrete contractors will inform you of the technical aspects of your project. Still, we will also answer any questions on the materials that would be best for the job.

Types of Retaining Walls

Residential Retaining Walls

When you install retaining walls around your home or property, there are several factors to keep in mind. Before designing your wall, our team will discuss the aesthetics that you want and need. Next, we must thoroughly understand the environmental factors and location where our concrete contractors will install the retaining wall. Building residential retaining walls is something that takes advanced planning and careful consideration. Working with experienced concrete contractors like our team will help you avoid any mistakes arising from trying to do it independently.

Using a professional is the best way to ensure a hazard does not occur and that it does not collapse. Our team at Calscape 805 will work with you to help you get the design you want and need for your residential property.Outdoor Living Nipomo & Arroyo Grande, CA | CalScape 805 Portfolio6

Natural Stone Retaining Walls

You can find natural stone in an array of textures and colors. This selection makes it easy to coordinate this material with all the other features of the property and your outdoor living area. Something else that makes the natural stone more appealing is that there are no two pieces of stone that are precisely the same. This originality means your project will be a unique and exciting feature – without too much effort.

Natural stone is also a smart option for homeowners searching for an environmentally friendly product. Calscape 805 can use several materials to ensure the wall looks great and reduce the impact on the nearby land. Also, if you ever decide to take it down, the stone can be re-purposed or ground up and used for something else. As experienced masonry contractors, we can guide you through selecting construction materials that fit your masonry project.

Concrete Blocks Retaining Walls

Concrete block walls provide an array of benefits. For example, concrete blocks offer a high level of flexibility. A high level of flexibility means we can design virtually any shape you prefer. Because of this, it means that the finished product is going to look just like the design that you envisioned.

Concrete blocks are solid and stronger than any other building material, including wood. In addition, concrete block walls are much more robust. This benefit is that you can feel confident that your structure will withstand adverse weather conditions and potential damage.

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