Flagstone Nipomo & Arroyo Grande, CA | CalScape 805 PortfolioFlagstone is one of the best mediums for pavers. With flagstone pavers, you can achieve a natural look with flagstone’s unique shapes and earthy shades of reds, blues, grays, and browns. The most common flagstone pavers in outdoor patios and areas include slate, limestone, and sandstone. Flagstone paver installation with our Calscape 805 team is an excellent choice for homeowners for its natural look, durability, rich colors, and more. Depending on your budget, flagstone is a perfect choice for pavers and patios.

What Is Flagstone?

Flagstone is created by hardening sediment layers by pressure and low heat, usually under water. It often consists of layers of sand, clay, or organic sediments. Flagstone pavers are typically derived from natural stones such as bluestone, quartzite, or sandstone and are created by cutting them into slabs. This material is easy to maintain, durable, slip-and acid resistant, and offers numerous customization possibilities. Property owners can choose multiple colors, patterns, shapes, and finishes.

Flagstone pavers can be left in their natural state to form free-flowing, unique designs or machined to make perfect squares and rectangles. Flagstone naturally gets its coloring (that does not fade with time) from the rock so that you can find a natural, earth-toned rainbow of greens, reds, browns, grays, and even blues. The variation in color makes flagstone pavers ideal for custom projects in the San Luis Obispo, Orcutt, Nipomo, CA, and surrounding areas. It can lead to creating some eye-catching landscape design that will make your property stand out from the rest. In addition, flagstone designs range from simple and organic to ornate and formal, so at Calscape 805, there is something for everyone.


Whatever the desired project, you can use sandstone paving to achieve the stylish appearance you’re looking for. Sandstone is one of the more popular materials because of its overall quality. Its popularity comes because it is durable but easy to install and available in a range of colors; sandstone is ideal for use in garden paths, patios, and other features.


Bluestone is a versatile natural stone used in multiple ways to create custom landscape designs for many residential and commercial projects. It is a perfect outdoor choice due to its durability and hard-wearing qualities. The main benefit of using bluestone pavers is their magical effect wherever they are laid. Their toughness and long-lasting textures are also massive advantages. Bluestone has a rough natural texture that makes it safe for any flooring application, even around pool areas. In addition, it is a very high-density material and has the innate ability to withhold harsh and unfriendly weather conditions.


Quartzite is a metamorphic stone created when quartz-rich sandstone has been exposed to high pressure and temperatures. These conditions fuse the quartz grains, forming a hard, dense, equiangular rock. As a result, quartzite tends to have a sugary appearance and a glassy luster. By using the best quality stones, you will end up with an outdoor area that is not only beautiful but one that will be durable and will last a lifetime.

Our Calscape 805 team is highly reputable and dependable throughout the design and installation of your flagstone project. We can install flagstone paver’s style or design, and our excellence and experience allow us to turn all of your dreams into reality. From planning the design to installation, we handle every step by paying attention to every detail with complete professionalism and excellence.

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