Custom Landscape Design

Outdoor Living Nipomo & Arroyo Grande, CA | CalScape 805 Portfolio2Whether your project begins with an empty canvas or an existing backyard that requires some enhancements, Calscape 805 is expertly positioned to help you achieve your goals. We have spent the last decade fine-tuning the individual arts that makeup landscape design and construction in the San Luis Obispo County. In addition, our years of top-quality training and talent retention have afforded us unparalleled expertise across the landscape design and construction spectrum. We take pride in the details of each custom landscape design we have created throughout San Luis Obispo County, Nipomo, Orcutt, Oceano, Santa Maria, Pismo Beach, Arroyo Grande, Lompoc and down to Santa Barbara.

Benefits Of Landscape Design

Instead of letting your yard become a chore, invest in landscape design. When you custom designs your space, you also gain in value. There are many benefits to landscaping, here are just a few:

We are designed for curb appeal.
Your backyard space serves as an asset in your home. You can create a more inviting environment through a custom landscape design. Your backyard additions will make your home more identifiable and undoubtedly memorable.

Socializing space.
Your backyard serves as a place to socialize with your family and friends. Our Calscape 805 design team knows how to make your backyard or front yard space inviting and unforgettable. A great new area adds value and is an exciting place to hang out with friends or share dinner from your new outdoor kitchen with family.

Take advantage of your space.
Even without guests, your backyard can become a new place for you to unwind. Your time outdoors will not be wasted. Instead, you can sit back with a drink and enjoy your custom fire pit or your fantastic pool and spa. Jesse works with you to take your landscape design beyond what you imagined.

Increased value.
Not only will you find personal value in adding a custom landscape design, but so will your house. An excellent, unique, and creative space will increase the selling price. Along with tile and carpet cleaning, expanding your home improvement beyond walls is a benefit that keeps giving.

Custom Hardscaping Design & Construction

Outdoor Living Nipomo & Arroyo Grande, CA | CalScape 805 Portfolio1One of the significant parts of a project is selecting the suitable materials for your property and the right expertise to put them together to enhance your overall project. Part of the Calscape 805 landscape and hardscape design process is looking to our talented team of architects and artisans to construct beautiful and captivating palettes of stonework, pavers, and concrete.

Custom Decks & Patios

It is often the desire of our clients to adorn their patio areas with a shading element. This can be simply an open beam structure or a fully functional outdoor kitchen. We specialize in building overhead structures that complement and enhance the home’s architecture while providing the necessary canopy for shade and privacy. Whether the design is simple or elaborate, we will provide a finished product that complements your home’s overall aesthetic and outdoor space.

Custom BBQ & Outdoor Kitchens

One of the many benefits of San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara Counties climate’s is that it caters to the outdoor lifestyle, which so usually involves outdoor dining and barbecues. With that in mind, this aspect of your landscape design should incorporate a functional, free-flowing layout that meets your standards for beauty, function, and practicality.

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